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Born and raised in the Bronx, Frank Roth created a name for himself by capturing and manipulating crowds through the sequence of his music. At only 21 years old, Roth’s ability to make people move has made him one of the youngest and most requested DJ’s in the city. With experience as General Manager/President for Baruch College’s “WBMB Radio” and internships with media giant “Clear Channel,” Roth is no stranger to the radio industry, something he hopes to obtain a future career in. His dedication to music and relentless work ethic has him sitting on top of two online radio shows, “BlackSTRIPE Radio” and “Black Light District,” both of which allow him to display his DJ skills on a weekly basis. His innovative approach on the turntables makes him rare, but it is his ambition and dedication to growth that separates him from the rest and will make him iconic with no where to go but up.



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