Meet Kelvin Rafael, better known as “K.R.D”. He was born in Bronx, New York in 1988. K.R.D always had a special interest for music as he has DJed in many clubs and for a radio show.


In 2005, he discovered his passion, DJing. He started the “hard" way, DJing with CDs and barely with any edits to songs. At the age of 14, K.R.D realized that more than playing music, he could also create it himself. This is when he discovered the art of beat production.


Later on when remixing came more popular, K.R.D took advantage of his knowledge in beat production and applied to remixing. Combining beat production and DJing skills gives K.R.D remixes the unique sound that he is known for.


In 2012, K.R.D became a known name in the Latin remix industry. This same year, he joined the #1 Latin Remix page, His goal is to make it where no other remixer has and to become internationally known.



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