Tiny T has never been the one to stay behind. The New York native behind the turntables is due to his young and ambition ways.

“Passion” is often defined as a powerful emotion that is highly desired or loved, and for Tiny T, whose name stems from his stature, that passion is Music. This love came at an early age, as his late Uncle “Nene,” introduced him to a form of musical expression that involved combining rhythmic beats, looping breaks and percussive patterns. This new passion engulfed Tiny T and at the young age of 13 he began to share it with whoever was willing to listen.

Today at the age of 23, Tiny T has developed a great understanding and appreciation for music, leaving him with the distinct ability to observe and adapt to any crowd. It is this unique ability that has helped him not only acquire membership for BlackStripe Inc., ProLatinRemix, the #1 Latin Remixing Website, but also high profile events.

For a DJ set on achieving everyone’s past achievements, giving up is NEVER an option. One Look at his resume proves the young New York Native is in this lifestyle for the long run.



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